Monday, September 20, 2010

Next brewing date

There are discussions of Nov. 6 as a possible brewing date. Whatever we decide it is probably best to make sure we have the necessary space and fermenters. I would like to brew 10 gal of the Tripel and 5 gallons of an amber ale. When we get Matuz's fermenter back we have the following: 3 10 gal ferm., 3 5 gal ferm., and 2-3 glass fermenters (although for proper secondarying probably 1 available.)

Additionally, if we need space for wine to be chilled at 30-40 F, there will be room in the freezer shortly.

4 days until hell unleashes its fury.


Antonio Manzi said...

Hell unleashes its fury? You mean four days until the Beer Gods J.O.Y.F.!?

DAJ2 said...

Kyle's Bachelor party is the weekend of November 6th.