Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Few Things....Beer and Wine

    This week I should be receiving a book I ordered titled, Principles of Brewing Science: A Study of Serious Brewing Issues by George Fix.  It is kind of the next step in the science of brewing books that I have wanted for a while.  After that there are a few others that I have been seeing pop up on the homebrew forums.  I also found a PDF of a brewing science book on one of the forums.  I am going to check copyright issues before posting the link and downloading it myself.

     Tasted one Rye ale on mother's day.  THIS BEER KEEPS CHANGING AND GETTING BETTER!!!!  I don't know about you guys, maybe it is the Polish heritage in me, but I LOVE rye bread.  And this beer taste more like rye bread than ever!  After this last taste test, I have locked it back up.  The only key now, is a wiffle ball game in a downtown park,  coupled with first pitch Cardinal baseball tickets.

    My hops quit growing....well they are not done growing, I don't think, but they have halted for a time at about 5.5 ft. I was reading through the forums and posting this very topic.  It could be several things:
  1. Been to rainy lately....too much water. 
  2. Roots are now working their way through the tough soil that surrounded the soft soil it was planted in...so it is taking more time.
  3. They are not technically first year(since they were in a pot at Irish Rover's), but they were in a pot, so full potential may not be had yet.
  4. Maybe not enough sun.....I plan on cutting three more trees this summer...two of them I may have an actual company come out and cut.(I am not a pro, and the house is near them.)

    Blackberry trellis materials are at my place now.  Just need to buy the wire, pound in the stakes, and train them.  Each plant is growing, one is ready to be trained, the others may not reach the wire for another month or so.

I'll keep you all updated.


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Irish Rover said...

My hops exploded for two days when it was in the low 90s and humid. I think it's a combination of temperature change (causing hell on the hops), precipitation, and sunlight. They look good. Remember last year the Cascade didn't start producing cones until late June/July.